Milford systems

Tree Planting

Successful tree planting in the built environment is a specialist task. Trees in urban situations are typically confronted with a number of challenges. These range from hard landscape surfaces, unnaturally high temperatures during the summer, salted roads during the winter and all forms of traffic and vandalism.

We offer a large number of efficient systems for urban environments, designed to ensure the successful planting and maintenance of healthy trees for generations to come.

Edging Systems

MilKANT is a series of landscape edging systems, made of aluminium, steel or polyethylene (PE) recyclable plastic. The products have been developed in conjunction with these customer groups: architects, urban designers, landscape architects, engineers, arboriculturalists, horticulturalists and contractors.

Landscape edging is important, as it contributes to landscape design layouts by ensuring that design lines and curves remain well defined. MilKANT landscape edging systems combine a high degree of functionality with superior wear resistance and aesthetic design.

Threshold Channels

There can be specific requirements for threshold channels positioned in level access situations around buildings. Only a few products on the market comply with such requirements. Our models are can be customised to comply with all such requirements.

These systems are also designed for extremely fast installation. Based on the feedback we have received, we estimate that one qualified person is able to mount a complete threshold channel in the same time that it takes two to install competing products.

Green Wall Systems

We offer innovative and robust green wall systems for climbing plants. Whilst cities need vegetation, the lack of space for proper growing conditions is one of the biggest challenges.

The MilPLAN product series makes it possible to efficiently use vertical areas and create green environments on tight urban sites.

Surfacing Systems

We offer surfacing systems, including grass reinforcement for long lasting surface solutions. Grass reinforcement is an efficient way to ensure that projects are not only visually attractive, but remain healthy in use.

Outdoor resin bonded stone surfaces are a popular solution. BindTec™ excels by being flexible even at low temperatures with high strength and durability.

Rainwater Management

Our underground water storage chambers are superior to traditional chambers in all ways and were created by dismissing the common cubic approach and using the arch approach as a guiding principle.

The products of the MilSTORM™ series have been thoroughly tested under real life conditions and comply with some of the most stringent international requirements.

About Milford

We have improved and spread knowledge of sustainable solutions for the improvement of the urban environment throughout Scandinavia for more than a decade.

As cities continue to grow, we continue to develop improved products and systems, corresponding to heightened requirements for vegetation in urban contexts.

Our systems are developed in close cooperation with leading architects, landscape architects, engineers, contractors, arboriculturalists and horticulturalists through dialogue and continuous follow-up on projects.